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The Marketplace

The marketplace makes it possible to easily compare your health insurance options on healthcare.gov and the coverage levels that each plan offers. This website is not the Health Insurance Marketplace, but will answer your questions and provide links to healthcare.gov.

Get answers about the Health Insurance Marketplace & Obamacare
Get quick answers about Obamacare laws and the Health Insurance Marketplace

What is the Marketplace?

Provisions under the Affordable Act establish the creation of Health Insurance Marketplaces in each state. Each state may choose to have the federal government operate the marketplace, partner with the federal government or operate the marketplace themselves. Nebraska has chosen to participate in a federally facilitated marketplace.

The marketplace provides a way for individuals to buy health insurance. Individuals and small business may be eligible for a tax credit when they buy their insurance on the Marketplace.


Individual health insurance coverage can be purchased in two different ways: on the new Health Insurance Marketplace, or through insurance companies and/or insurance agents off the Marketplace.

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