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If someone comes to consumers' homes, calls consumers out of the blue, or sends email to offer consumers health insurance coverage at a terrific price, how will consumers know whether the person and the health insurance coverage are legitimate?

Remember this simple formula: StopCallConfirm.


Consumers should ask the person for identification and a phone number where they may be reached later. If the person refuses to give this information for any reason, or tries to pressure them into signing any document, consumers should immediately hang up, close their door, or walk away.

Consumers should NOT volunteer their Social Security number or a credit/debit card number to anyone unless they personally know the individual. Likewise, they should NOT sign any paperwork or write a check.


Consumers should then contact the Nebraska Insurance Department or the Health Insurance Marketplace. The insurance company or agent must be licensed with the Nebraska Insurance Department before they can sell coverage and counsel consumers about the Health Insurance Marketplace. The department also will have information about federally registered navigators.


Consumers always should confirm that the company or agent offering insurance coverage, or the navigator trying to provide assistance, is authorized to provide information or coverage before they sign any documents or give any personal information.

Remember that if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

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