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Do consumers have to re-enroll annually?

Eligibility for premium assistance and enrollment in a health plan will be decided annually using updated income, family size, and tax information (when authorized). Each year, before the open enrollment period, the Health Insurance Marketplace will check income data and send a notice to consumers who are determined eligible for enrollment in a plan through the Marketplace. This notice explains the consumer's eligibility for the upcoming year and tells the consumer to let the Marketplace know of any changes. After this, there will be an annual open enrollment period for consumers to change plans or insurance companies if they want to.

During the year, consumers must report any changes in circumstances to the Health Insurance Marketplace within 30 days of experiencing the change. Changes include changes in income from a new job. Consumers who have not requested financial assistance do not need to report changes related to financial assistance eligibility. The Marketplace will review available data sources on a quarterly basis for individuals who become eligible for Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP.

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