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How will the certified application counselor be able to help consumers with enrollment through the Health Insurance Marketplace?

In Nebraska, the certified application counselor can help consumers log-on to the Health Insurance Marketplace. Consumers will log into their own Marketplace account. The certified application counselor can help consumers as needed to complete the eligibility application. Consumers will be asked to enter the certified application counselor's Marketplace user identification number on the application to show that the counselor helped them.

The certified application counselor can help consumers to compare qualified health plans and answer questions about health insurance policies in general. The counselor can answer questions from the consumer about the differences in health plans and what they might mean to them (such as explaining deductibles or out-of-pocket limits), but the counselor cannot recommend or suggest which health plan would be best for consumers and their families.

The certified application counselor cannot sell, solicit, or negotiate a qualified health plan through the Marketplace. They cannot suggest that one health plan would be better for the individual than another.

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