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Will plans offered through the Health Insurance Marketplace have large out-of-pocket costs?

The health insurance plan choices feature a wide variety of out-of-pocket costs for consumers. But, the ACA requires that all plans limit consumers' annual out-of-pocket costs for services to no more than roughly $6,350 for individuals and $12,700 for families in 2014. However, out-of-network services do not count toward these limits on annual out-of-pocket costs. There are separate out-of pocket maximums for stand-alone dental plans. Plans are also required to cover certain preventive services without cost-sharing.

These maximum out-of-pocket amounts will go up in future years.

Also, consumers whose incomes are below a certain amount may be able to buy a plan that features lower cost-sharing and lower out-of-pocket costs (deductiblescoinsurance, or copayments) without paying a higher premium. Check with the Health Insurance Marketplace, agents, navigators or certified application counselors to learn if you qualify.

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